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We are in Tajikistan

We are almost at the end of our journey together. In any case, today we had to cross the border to our 14th travel destination, 'Tajikistan'. The procedure has never been as long as it is today. We were made to wait 45 minutes in front of the counter until the redeeming phone call finally came and gave the officer the green light to let us through. Unfortunately, we didn't find out what the problem was. Today we had a short stage of 60 kilometers and thought constantly of our family and friends who are celebrating the most beautiful day of the year today, the solubility in Burgdorf. Instead of the cheesecake and a fine glass of white wine that are usual on this day, we have the obligatory pasta from the gas cooker and a little Tajik beer. So cheers, dear ones, celebrate in Burgdorf!


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