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The last two DadandSon days together in the saddle

We have fallen in love with Tajikistan and we enjoy the last few hours together. The landscape is simply magnificent and we constantly reach for our hands to capture the scenery. Although we find that the pictures taken are not half as beautiful as the respective live picture in front of our eyes. After weeks in the desert, Tajikistan is like paradise on earth for us. We enjoy the view of the green. For example, we drove past heavily laden apricot trees and of course had to snack again and again. Stolen fruit always tastes best anyway..

The people here are completely different from before in Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan. Your zest for life is written all over your face. We cycle with permanent adrenaline and are carried by countless 'Hello's' from every corner. The kids are happy from the two tourists and jump to the other side of the street resp. in position to intercept the desired handshake. Nicolas gave his safari hat to a boy who was traveling across the country with a single sheep. The joy was huge. We were also given presents again, were allowed to pick fruit in a garden and had to eat almost a whole watermelon before we were allowed to continue. If we accepted every invitation to tea, we would not advance. And we have to. We want to reach Dushanbe. After the 100 kilometers with 1500 meters of altitude from the penultimate day, we faced 130 kilometers with about 2500 meters of altitude on the last day. So a tough last day, but it should be remembered 😉. We started early (5:30 a.m.) to be able to cope with this workload and we did it - we have reached the goal of our journey together - at the Hilton Dushanbe. Here we are having a good time, celebrating our successful tour and preparing for our onward flights. A service on the Vreni still has to be done and then finally the bikes have to be dismantled and packed up for transport... Best regards Dad & Son


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