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Thank you Nicolas for the great time!

We left 90 days ago and today was the day of farewell in Dushanbe. As I write these lines, Nicolas is sitting on the plane on the way back home. Even if it would have been the greatest thing for me if we both had achieved our goal together of cycling from Bern to Singapore in 250 days, I am incredibly proud of you! You made it to Tajikistan in just 3 months, only 400 kilometers from the border with China! You too can be really proud of yourself. A total of 6,500 kilometers, through 14 different countries, in the cold, rain and finally in the almost unbearable heat. Three months that will probably change your life a bit. You will take a rucksack full of experiences and adventures with you and we will definitely continue to laugh about one or the other scene together in the future. I enjoyed every kilometer with you, no matter how exhausting. Whether it was a night in a tent, on the ground in Rashid's modest dwelling or in a dignified hotel, I got up motivated every single morning and looked forward to the day with you! It was a great, unique experience that I was able to share with one of my sons, I am very grateful to you for that! I will miss you by my side for the remaining 5 months. Come home safely, enjoy your family and friends and let your boys celebrate your upcoming 23rd birthday on July 4th 🍺, hug tight, in love Dad


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