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Record day and blog coming sooner than expected

Today we had 120 kilometers on the plan, near a few houses and a mini market (see picture) we wanted to look for a place to stay. A guy approaches us and says that there is a hotel in 30 kilometers. We didn't want to miss the chance for a shower and with this extra effort we unintentionally reached a record day with 150 kilometers. But this is also because the first two hours in the early morning offered great conditions. So after weeks we had the wind at our backs again. We enjoyed these two hours of flight and were soon brought back to reality and it was done with the 25 cut. Today we again had nice encounters with the lovely Uzbeks. One stopped, shook hands with us, welcomed us to Uzbekistan and gave us a melon. Another pulled the PW up and it didn't stop people getting out of the car. They all wanted to take a picture with us. We also often notice that we are photographed or filmed from the street or from vehicles. We definitely attract attention in Uzbekistan and put a smile on many people's faces - just with our presence. If only it were always that easy 🤗.

In any case, we reached the hotel. You can decide whether it made sense or whether the night in the tent would have been better... (see pictures). But the good thing is that there is internet here and we don't have to keep you waiting that long with a sign of life 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️


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