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Off to Split!

The sandwiches are cancelled and we set off for Split, a city from which we expect a lot. For this reason, we also scheduled our second rest day accordingly and want to explore the city. But before that, we have 70 kilometres and 700 metres of altitude to climb. Unfortunately, things turned out differently. The GPS led us on a diversion and by the time we realised it, we were already 15 km behind the right turn-off, i.e. we had to turn back and in the end we had 98 km and over 1000 metres of altitude in our legs. After another driving mistake and a detour onto the highway with a corresponding honking concert, we arrived in Split safe and sound but tired. During dinner we received a text message. Anita, the girlfriend of Dominic - the oldest of the Keller brothers - comes from Split and has mobilised her cousin Nikolina and her cousin Mario to show us the city. We had great fun with the two guides and would like to show you a few impressions of Split.


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