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DadandSon becomes DadandSun..

Nicolas unfortunately decided to cancel the Bern2Singapore project after 3 months. He will take the plane in Dushanbe at the end of June and return to Switzerland. So it will be a solo dad project for the remaining almost 6 months. He is in good spirits, confident and still fully motivated to complete the project and bring in a nice chunk for diabetesschweiz. Unfortunately, it will now clearly be a much bigger challenge - in all respects..

Dad: Sometimes things don't turn out the way you imagined, but now we both have to make the best of the situation - just like we've done every day up until now. The danger that exactly this could happen was already present in the planning. Too much unpredictable, unknown. Nicolas can be proud of what he has achieved, at the tender age of 22 very few people ride their bikes to Tajikistan..

In terms of social media, I'm of course not nearly as fit as Nicolas, but I still hope that I can keep you reasonably up to date on the previous channels. Tips and support are always welcome!


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