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Dad and Son greet from Kazakhstan 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️

We had a one-hour flight across the Caspian Sea from Tbilisi to Aktau last night. The airport here is very small and it was not that easy to find transport to the hotel. In the end we drove to the hotel in two cars because it was impossible to organize a van or bus. It was getting late, we were hungry, tired and our clothes were sticking to our skin. After a wonderful shower, we ordered two plates of spaghetti to our room at 3:00 a.m. - although not nearly as tasty as at Mum's - still THE rescue! During the meal we spontaneously and unanimously decided to change the plan slightly. Not only are we staying here for this short night, we will be adding another night and leaving for the desert on Thursday, June 8th. So we can sleep in a nice bed - before the nights in the tent come up - have time to buy our provisions and assemble our bikes. So, with a long shopping list, we head into town before we start assembling the bikes. We return to the hotel with plenty of pasta, dry food and water. Unfortunately, the 'fast Vreni' received a hit on the front wheel during transport, because it is no longer running smoothly and may have to be renamed to the strolling, shaky and drunk Vreni 😂. Somehow it will work out and in Dushanbe, we mount the intact wheel from the 'thick Moni' to the Vreni, so that it then 'rolls' properly again..

So tomorrow we want to get back on our saddles and finally ride again after the not very easy, very upsetting and emotional days of rest in Tbilisi - we already missed it.. 😌.

We both thank you for the many WhatsApps, voice messages and other encouraging comments on SM, you are great and every single message has been very good and uplifting for both of us! We are now looking forward to the last three bike and desert weeks together and will enjoy the time and absorb every moment!


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