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Bosnia & Herzegovina greets us with thunder and lightning

The younger one of us rode like a 'motorbike' today. The more mature one, let's say, could only just keep up and tried to stick to the rear wheel to benefit from the slipstream. The conditions in the morning were ideal to quickly record the first 30 kilometres; fast terrain, little wind and some sun in combination with a lot of motivation and recovered legs. We already know how to take advantage of these optimal moments, because as often, it can change quickly here and it did. Shortly before and still in dry condition we meet a Bernese from Wichtrach on the way to Tirana as well as two people from Eastern Switzerland, whom we already met a few days ago in a restaurant in Rijeka. The world seems small...

After about 70 kilometres we leave Croatia. The official at the border crossing into Bosnia and Herzegovina waved us through after a thorough passport check and shortly afterwards we were greeted by thunder and lightning from Bosnian Peter. The hotel has a 'small' pool (30 x 18 metres) which we have all to ourselves. Of course, we now swim a few more kilometres before we move on to our post-dinner meal 😜


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