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Big twist in our Bern2Singapore project

But first, a quick note about our last two days in Buxoro. In glorious weather we drove the last two days, three stages. We enjoyed the green areas, trees and rivers. Today was the longest and toughest day with over 10 hours in the saddle and 160 kilometers driven. We arrived in Samarkand a few hours ago, completely exhausted. This city with 0.5 million inhabitants must be absolutely amazing and we are already looking forward to tomorrow's tour of discovery. Made 2 out of 3 daily stages because we still need a buffer day in Dushanbe. Because now it is clear how to proceed. Nicolas will be flying to Zurich via Istanbul on Sunday, July 2nd and Dad will be flying on the same day. We need the day that was driven out for the organization, dismantling of the bikes, etc.

No visa for China

Unfortunately, what we had feared for a long time has happened. Now 'Plan B' comes into play and Dad will have to fly over China. His journey continues in Hanoi, Vietnam.

BK: I now want to drive along the coast to Ho Chi Minh City (approx. 1800 km), then via Cambodia to Thailand (approx. 2200 km). From there to Malaysia, by ship on Sumatra over and down to Bali, Indonesia and then in early December towards the destination 'Singapore'. If my planning should be too euphoric, I would have enough opportunities to shorten it, but I would like to reach the 15,000 kilometer mark - for my ego but also for the promised donation to diabetesschweiz. I keep you updated. By the way; any wishes what you would like to see from my trip? Landscapes and dream beaches?  Flora and fauna? People? Building? Sights like temples? Eat? Or still a mix of everything?

Tomorrow, as I said, a day off in Samarkand is on the agenda and we'll be happy to send you a few impressions from 1000 and one night home on the well-known channels.


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