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18.-21.6.23, get out of the glowing hell as soon as possible..

We are in Buxoro, Uzbekistan. After Nukus again in a city. The last desert days were exhausting. We wanted to get out as soon as possible, out of the desert, out of the blistering heat, out of the sand, dust and dirt. For this reason and also because the quality of the roads was sometimes better and the wind turned in our favor from time to time, we really gave Guzzi. We start early, put all the available energy into the pedals and regularly take turns in the lead. So we set three course records in a row; 150, 160 and even 170 kilometers on the last day. More is probably not possible with our Gravels and all the baggage. Today, here in Buxoro (Bukhara) we treat ourselves and our knees to a rest day. According to Google Maps, from now on it will be a bit greener and probably generally friendlier, more mountainous and more populated. It is only 600 kilometers to Dushanbe, where we will unfortunately part.

You might be interested in what critters we've encountered here?

If we list them by size and omit the annoying 'ghüder' like mosquitoes 🦟, flies 🪰 and ants 🐜, these would be spiders 🕷️ (very big), lizards 🦎 (small, about 30 cm, but it would there are also big ones), gerbils 🐀, snakes 🐍🥵, birds 🦅, marmots or similar 🦝, horses 🐎 and camels 🐪🐫🐪🐫, the latter of which were mainly seen in Kazakhstan. There are often dogs at gas stations, but they are completely harmless. the heat puts them out of action. Luckily we haven't met yet are scorpions 🦂 and that's absolutely okay.


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