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Borders closed with Azerbaijan

Today was a fast 'highway day' and I've met Swiss people at a rest stop for many weeks. A tour group from Eastern Switzerland who are on vacation in Georgia for 12 days and started their round trip in Tbilisi a few days ago. But now to our problem regarding the next country on our tour: Azerbaijan. The borders are said to be closed because of Corona, according to the official statement. Behind closed doors, however, there are completely different reasons why Azerbaijan is currently blocking the land and sea route. We hoped that the borders would reopen on June 1st, but according to information they are now definitely closed up to and including July. That means for us that we have to fly over Azerbaijan. On the left would be Russia and on the right Armenia. Both are strongly discouraged. In addition, it would be a big detour and it would certainly no longer be possible to reach our goal of cycling to Singapore in 250 days. Unfortunately, these are now 7 cycling days that we are missing and a certainly exciting country that we are missing. It's a pity, but it's the way it is. Who knows, maybe we'll be happy about the 6 reserve days we won (we deduct one day for the flight to Aktau, Kazakhstan). We would have arrived there too if everything had worked out with Azerbaijan. As I said, we would have cycled from Tbilisi to Baku in 6-7 days and would have taken the ferry across the Caspian Sea to Aktau. This means that the planned day trips on our GPS are correct again, provided that it works there at all. We have now arrived in Gori and will continue to Tbilisi tomorrow. There we will have our rest day and then continue our journey as described depending on the flight schedule.


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